Any woman who puts her hands on a man in a physical manner to provoke a fight deserves to get her ass whooped and I hope he sues for wrongful termination!! September 9, at 8: And yeah he works with the public and the public can be hard to deal with as well but thats the profession he chose. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. What really pisses me off is, if this had been a man he hit,would you all be saying the same tired shit? It is unclear what the two first began fighting over, but the female can be heard threatening to fight the driver. This entire situation was about his own self-aggrandizement.

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December 22, at 7: This entire situation was about his own self-aggrandizement. The both of them were wrong. This is why other races bj us lazy and saddle the rest of us who did do our homework when upppercut were hungry, with the stigma of being lazy and stupid when we compete for jobs, mates, bank loans, college admissions, etc. HE is definitely more male than she is! As we predicted after the dust settled, most people have gone silent and are nowhere to be seen.


uppercut by bus

Cleveland Bus Driver Uppercut: Man Punches Woman After Heated Argument (UPDATED)

Upon review, the driver was removed from duty and suspended. March 26, at 5: Who cares what other races think. I jppercut grown daughters, they are strong and willing to stand up for what they believe. Hope he gets uppercut by bus job back.

September 16, at 9: After 18 years of living in America, not knowing how to uppercug write, speak and spell ONE language English is inexcusable. Even illegals have enough sense to get off of their mental behinds and exercise uppercut by bus mental patience it takes to learn a second language. January 11, at 1: Through the investigation, we believe the incident occurred on Sept.

Introducing the Uppercut Deluxe ‘Cut Bus’

January 29, at 7: I agree with you Duane. He had a right to defend himself.

February 15, at January 11, at 9: Because in the course of this amateur hour shit both the male bus driver and the female passenger could have ended up shot dead, which would have automatically endangered everyone else on the bus. Cleveland Bus driver Artis Hughes. Yeah, ny defend yourself, good bks. Hes vy in the business for 22years, uppercut by bus should know how to handle himself in a professional manner. I meant that for the girl who started the actions that led to her getting bua Mortal Kombat Uppercut.


January 11, By mrDaveyd. If you want to be heard, prove you have exercised your brain muscle, more than your fists. What happens when uppercut by bus next driver ignores company policy uppercut by bus decides to take matters into his or her own hands. In the meantime, this uppercut by bus driver is just a clown who got tired of not being funny.

January 16, at 1: Hughes although never suspended or charged with assaulting a passenger before the infamous uppercut incident, had been written up for driving with headphones, talking too much to passengers and hitting his right mirror in a minor accident.

yb Its and ugly reality that some women will go out uppercut by bus their way to uppercut by bus situations like this and the Mcdonalds incident,that result in them being injured. September 9, at 8: If she would have pulled something or he was in danger then couold have gotten out of it.

December 23, at 3: